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    Standby Server for live host migration?


      Has anyone used Standby Server as a mechanism for a live host migration?


      It seems like it would be useful as a way of minimizing downtime while migrating from one host system to another. Any thoughts or experiences to share?

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          Too new I think for people to have built procedures around it.


          It should work though except that you'd have to set it up ahead of time.  You can only link a Standby with a Primary if the files on the Primary are closed.  Once you have the sync going then it just becomes a fairly routine switchover as I demoed at Devcon.


          Note that while you can do it live (as in: with clients connected) it is not really a good idea to do.  You have to pause the files to make sure all data is sent over.  And the switchover will make people loose uncommitted changes (because the server does not have that data) and will interrupt any running scripts on the client.