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    Google Maps API integration


      Hi everyone,


      I was hoping to implement Google Maps JavaScript API, specifically overlaying images on google maps --> Click Here

      I'm still a little new to filemaker, so I'm not even sure where to begin.  Do you have any tips or starting points?  The javascript api seems logical enough, I'm just not sure where to begin implementing it in Filemaker.  Any helpful resources is also appreciated



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          There are folks on the board better qualified (more experienced) to guide you than I, but the basics involve using the Web Viewer object. You insert your code as a calculation in the Web Viewer dialog in Layout mode, applying variables, field values, and / or constants as needed. The map then renders inside the Web Viewer in Browse mode.


          There were a couple of sessions at DevCon on Google Maps integration. Perhaps the presenters lurk here and can chime in.