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    Filemaker Go and Google Drive links issue



      This one has me baffled completely


      I've been using our database for a long time with no issues at all

      We are hosting DB on FMServer 12

      iPads on production area are all on FMGO13

      desktops and laptops in office area all FM12 and above


      I have a web viewer set up to show everyone a google drive file - set up as a link - basically the web viewer opens a URL and it shows its contents

      normally a pdf or a jpeg.


      It has been working fine until this morning when everything went wrong with iPads


      link is ok when using laptops or desktops - both windows and macs


      when iPads try to open such file, Filemaker Go quits with no warning.

      I've been able to replicate the issue

      Attached is a small FM file that shows the issue

      Obviously I am running this one on a FMserver

      and that is how I see the issue happening

      Have not tested sharing it from my own laptop


      user name and pass are : admin

      first record is a dropbox link

      second record is a google drive link


      when iPad opens on first record, all is ok

      As soon as you move to record #2 filemaker go quits (filemaker go for iPhone is same) they just quit.

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          I don't have FMS 12 installed on anything.  I download your sample database to my ipad 3 and run it in FMGo 13 and FMGo 14 without issue.  It displayed dropbox login screen close the login screen then it displayed a flyer. Went the next record which had a photo of a jeep on google drive.  I went back and forth between the two records 3 or 4 times.   FMGo 13 has a memory leak issue, that maybe the cause of your problem.  You have to close FMGo by double tapping the home button then swiping up on FMGo to close it.  If you still have an issue then I would suggest remove FMGo and reinstalling it again. 


          PS FMGo 13 may be removed from the Apple store soon, FMI extended the removal of FMGo 13 but it is not compatible with ios9 that is going to be release in a few weeks so FMI will not have a choice but to remove.   Make sure you install FMGo13 on all your devices then you can always go back to reinstall if needed, even after it has been remove from the App Store.

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            I know a bit late but this issue has been resolved by itself - meaning that the issue had to have been with google drive updates and not with FM itself

            Google Drive had issues with many of their servers I guess but eventually all problems went away