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    Filemaker Validation bug


      If a field is of Type Number and Validation is set to be Strictly Numeric, Filemaker will accept a number with a decimal point unless the decimal point is the last character. Then it objects: “This field is defined to contain numeric values only.”

      FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced version 14.02 on OS X 10.9.5.

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          .1 is 0.1

          0.1 is 0.1

          1. is not valid numeric value

          Is there problem?

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            Yes, there is a problem.

            "1."  is clearly a valid numeric value, but Filemaker's Validation says it is not.

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              Markus Schneider

              I just tested under 10.9 and FM13 - same behavior.


              I don't have definitions here for 'numeric', so I'm unsure.. my gut feeling says 1. is a number, my understanding too, because it's just a delimiter between fraction and integer...

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                Maybe it is expected behavior since, "1." could mean that enduser hasn't finished his entering and have exited the filed by error.


                However, you may want to repost it on Report an Issue section which is monitored by technical support and dedicated to report possible bugs.

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                  What is the international notations setting on your machine? using comma or point as decimal?

                  On what preference settings was this file opened for the first time? (it will make the notations settings permanent)

                  Do you override this when opening the solution?

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                    I hadn't learn "1." style in math, but some computer languages allow the style...

                    example of C



                    I guess there is a char removed from

                    GetAsNumber ( "1." )

                    "." is not in numeric chars [0-9] like

                    GetAsNumber ( "1.2.3" )

                    removes second "."

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                      International notations settings are Groupings-Comma, Decimal-Point.

                      To make certain, I just tried using multiple commas and multiple points for both just Numeric and Strictly Numeric, and I added a Numeric Calculation field set equal to the Number field, and a second Numeric Calculation field set equal to the Strictly Numeric field.

                      All commas are ignored for both the simple Numeric and the Strictly Numeric inputs.

                      The simple Numeric input field ignores all decimal points after the first (i.e., "23...4" becomes 23.4; "" becomes 23.456).

                      The Strictly Numeric input field does not allow multiple decimal points.

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                        Think different:


                        If you as user/reader see "1."  in a numeric field, or in whatsoever place, what is your feeling ? Are you comfortable with it ?


                        I'm not

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                          Thanks for the suggestion. Being a Newbie, I hadn't realized there was such a place to post. I had searched Filemaker's website looking for a Bug Report section before I posted here in the Technical Network.

                          Then a few hours ago I received the email from Mark Baum about the changes to the Technical Network because people were confused about where to post. Following the link in that email, I discovered there was an, "In  a Place," of, "Report a Product Issue,” and so I moved it there a few hours ago.

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                            Could you please explain why you are not comfortable seeing "1." in a numeric field?

                            I have extensive experience as a mathematician, physicist, and programmer, and I don't have a problem with it.

                            Keep in mind this is an input field, not an output field. A Filemaker output field with no digits displayed after the decimal point will suppress the decimal point.  However, my HP calculator set to display 0 digits after the decimal point displays "1." as does my Radio Shack calculator.

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                              I think there may be language/country cultural difference between us.

                              I agree with siplus, I feel some oddness in seeing "1."


                              I will think there is lack of feature to hide decimal point, seeing your HP/Radio shack calculator


                              If there is 0 digit after decimal point, the number is integer, so no need to use/show decimal point. If the number is not integer, I use "1.0" for double precision for example, not try using "1."

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                                Keep in mind this is an input field validation, not an output field display.

                                Filemaker does format output fields without an unnecessary decimal point.


                                But as an input field, why should the program interrupt you saying the input is invalid if you type in the decimal point?

                                Without the Validation Strict Data Type Numeric Only, Filemaker has no problem accepting “1.” in a Numeric field and interpreting it as “1”. It is only with the Validation that it objects. But there is no possible ambiguity: mathematically, “1.” is exactly equal to “1”. The decimal point may be unnecessary, but it is not wrong.


                                And think of the confusion this can cause for someone using a Filemaker application where you have carefully set validation on the inputs specifically to prevent problems. A user enters “1.” and the application responds with, “This field is defined to contain numeric values only. You must enter a numeric value.” And the user wonders, “What’s going on here? That is numeric.”

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                                  I have my own cerebral validator. A number is an entity which starts with a digit and ends with a digit. Anything else won't cut it. It's either incomplete or something else, like a list prefix.

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                                    Markus Schneider

                                    yes - one can add an own validation, but since this happens in the native validation, I would treat that as a bug. User 19752 mentioned that *after* finishing data entry, a number with no decimals could be treated as an integer, means 1. would become 1


                                    hmm... on the other hand, 1. could be the result of a missing keystroke... to be on the safe side, a validation error might be correct...

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