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    print list view - show records from 2 different tables as a possible merge field entries in the body section


      Hello FM PPL,


      I have been struggling with this one and just cannot get my head around it.


      Scenario :  I have 2 table and used on 2 layouts

      1 for time keeping with descriptions and with amounts  relative to an incident

      2nd for expenses also with descriptions and amounts relative to an incident


      I have a print list view with "show records from: table 1 - time keeping


      In the body section I list the relevant merge fields that in turn populate data with description and amounts for a particular incident called up to display.


      This is fine.


      What I also would like to add to the same print list view record/incident is the data from table 2 relative to the same incident.


      So the first flow of info in body section will be from table 1 followed by 2nd flow of details from table 2 if this has been populated.


      I hope I have been able to explain this properly.  Brain dead at the moment so apologies in advance.


      Hope there is some person that can help out wit this. I have tried to use a portal for the 2nd table of info but this has not solved the issue.


      All and any help is appreciated and thank you in advance.