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    WPE down - Reasons


      Hi All,


      The WPE goes down once in a week. However, sometimes it is going down three weeks once also.


      Can you please suggest what would be the various possible reasons for this issue?


      Thank you.

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          process crashing from overflowing your available resources (your server hardware is not good enough to handle the load, or it is running so much other stuff that the WPE crashes)


          conflicting services trying to fight for the same resource (EG port assignments)


          Out of date versions of filemaker (what version do you have installed?)


          You ran a java update independent of filemaker, and it now has an incompatible version of Java installed.


          That's at least enough to get you started, have you read the system events log? What OS and server specs are you using?

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            Hi Mike,


            I have been using Windows Server 2008 R2 which is a 64 - bit OS.

            4- GB RAM

            120 GB Hard disk.

            Thank you.

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              4GB may be on the low side if this is a one-machine deployment.  How high do you have the cache set?


              Also: what and how many processors in that machine?

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                memory overload could be suspect like Wim mentioned.


                I'd also check and make sure you have disabled automatic updates.


                Were you able to check the system log and filemaker log?

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                  Hi Mike,


                  Automatic Updates option are disabled in the Server.


                  Please find the below error logged in the System log at the time of WPE stop.


         -- "/fmi/conf/config.wpc" 401 0  WPE Error

         - fmsadmin "/fmi/conf/config.wpc"  200 2261

                  Thank you.

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                    Hi Wim,


                    We have followed two machine deployment.

                    One Processor is used in each machine and the Processor is Intel(R) Xenon(R) CPU E7-4850 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00GHz.

                    Dow you mean the cache memory which is the RAM memory, If so the size is 4 GB RAM.

                    If not, Kindly let me know how to check the cache memoey.


                    Thank You.

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                      Those are probably 10-core processors so that should be enough - depending on your load obviously.


                      RAM memory is the total that is installed in the machine.  Cache is what you have assigned to FMS in the admin console.  If the machine only has 4GB then I would install more RAM in the machine.  Don't set the cache in FMS as high as it gets though.  Start at 1GB and monitor the "cache hit %" in FMS.