Server 14 Webdirect Popover Problems

Discussion created by ideawise on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by MacEasy

Popover placed on a simple list view and viewed in webdirect.  Clicking on the popover button displays the popover only when a small number of records are shown. (about 50 or less).  Any more records in the found set and the popover simply will not display when the popover button is clicked. (works fine in FMpro)

Tested and verified same problem with two completely different files and two different 14 servers.  Even tested custom layouts with only three objects, a field a brand new popover button and a button set to go to the popover object to see if that would work.  Nothing worked unless record count was low.


Very surprising issue.  Completely prevents my client's transition to 14.


Please advise.


Thanks in advance.