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Overnight, all layouts set to auto-save on exit! How?

Question asked by wfgclapp on Sep 1, 2015
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I really hesitate to ask this question since things don't "just happen".


However, this morning I open a solution I've been working on every day and when I make my first change to a layout and exit, I am NOT presented with the open to save or discard changes. Although, I SHOULD be given the option b/c that's the way I've always had all my solutions set to be.


So I go look in my Layout Setup and sure enough, the "Save record changes automatically" has been checked. I look on other layouts and they are all checked the same. My first question I certainly could have accidentally checked one layout but I did not do that to my whole solution. Or is there something else that governs this behavior, maybe globally?


And here's  the other thing. I uncheck that box on a layout and I STILL do not get the option to save or discard. I've closed and reopened my solution, same thing.


This is likely something silly somewhere but I don't know where.


Anyone have any thoughts?