Beta Testers Needed

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Sep 1, 2015
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I need one or two experienced developers to test a new version of one of my Made-for-FileMaker solutions.


Allegro Mini-Calendar is calendar source code, intended for intermediate and advanced FileMaker developers. It requires only one table, which can allow for simpler integration with existing solutions than other calendars developed in FileMaker. The most popular turnkey solution sold by Allegro Data Solutions, Allegro Mini-Calendar is currently used by developers all over the world.


A detailed description of the previous versions may be found on the Allegro Data Solutions web site.


The upcoming release has several new features, including

  • the ability to filter the monthly and weekly calendar events by keyword,
  • the ability to print monthly, weekly, and daily calendars (filtered or unfiltered), and
  • the ability to shade the background of days with or without events (hidden or unhidden) .


Beta testers must be using FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 for the Windows and or Mac OS and willing to test all features, including integrating the calendar into a new or existing FileMaker solution.


Beta testers will receive a full copy of the finished product, with the same license as purchasers, which allows the calendar code to be used in any solution you develop for your clients as long as you include an acknowledgement that your calendar was based on code developed by Allegro Data Solutions. (There are no restrictions for personal use.)


To apply, either post a contact e-mail here or message me with that information through this site.