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    Beta Testers Needed


      I need one or two experienced developers to test a new version of one of my Made-for-FileMaker solutions.


      Allegro Mini-Calendar is calendar source code, intended for intermediate and advanced FileMaker developers. It requires only one table, which can allow for simpler integration with existing solutions than other calendars developed in FileMaker. The most popular turnkey solution sold by Allegro Data Solutions, Allegro Mini-Calendar is currently used by developers all over the world.


      A detailed description of the previous versions may be found on the Allegro Data Solutions web site.


      The upcoming release has several new features, including

      • the ability to filter the monthly and weekly calendar events by keyword,
      • the ability to print monthly, weekly, and daily calendars (filtered or unfiltered), and
      • the ability to shade the background of days with or without events (hidden or unhidden) .


      Beta testers must be using FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 for the Windows and or Mac OS and willing to test all features, including integrating the calendar into a new or existing FileMaker solution.


      Beta testers will receive a full copy of the finished product, with the same license as purchasers, which allows the calendar code to be used in any solution you develop for your clients as long as you include an acknowledgement that your calendar was based on code developed by Allegro Data Solutions. (There are no restrictions for personal use.)


      To apply, either post a contact e-mail here or message me with that information through this site.



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          Tuesday, September 01, 2015

          09:59 AM

          I'm currently using an old version of a free calendar and would be glad to test your calendar and provide feedback. I have both Mac/Win setups




          Michael A Clasen


          Filemaker Developer



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            Thank you for your post and responses.


            You may disregard the previous post. Guidelines have recently changed, which do not include email addresses as personal information to avoid posting. My apologies.


            For reference on current Guidelines see Rules of the Road.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Interested parties may contact Allegro Data Solutions through the form on its web site:


              Allegro Data Solutions


              I expect to have a beta build before Labor Day Weekend.


              Thank you.

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                Thanks to everyone who responded. I have enough beta testers now, to evaluate this solution on the Mac. However, I still need people to test it on Windows.

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                  Thanks again. I now have enough beta testers for the Mac and Windows platforms.

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                    We are developing a laboratory solution for uk company. Could build in Alegro into this solution we are using FM15

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                      I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. I seldom get the chance to visit these forums, as most of my time is taken up building custom solutions for my clients.


                      I released a new version of Allegro Mini-Calendar recently. The bundle includes versions for several recent versions of FileMaker Pro, including 15. Here is a link to the product page on my website (which includes a "Buy" link) ...


                      Allegro Data Solutions


                      I originally developed Allegro Mini-Calendar for my own use, so I wouldn't have to develop a calendar from scratch every time someone wanted me to include one in their solution. To allow myself maximum flexibility and performance, I designed it so that it only required one table. Most calendars use one table for every date in the calendar and a related table for each appointment related to those dates. To me, this seemed like a waste of resources, because the parent table would need a record for every date, whether appointments were made for it or not. In solutions that use this method, I noticed that the developers had used scripts to periodically add new days to the parent table. This struck me as a bit of a kludge. In any case, my preference is always to keep things as simple as possible.


                      The most recent versions of Allegro Mini-Calendar were meant to incorporate new features that users requested, and also to showcase some of the newer features in FileMaker (such as popover controls). I also regarded it as an opportunity to demonstrate some UI techniques I have used in solutions that my clients seem to like (such as round buttons and hiding UI elements when they are not needed). So, while the interface is more complex on the recent versions, you can of course just use just what you need and modify it as you like.


                      The question I am asked most frequently is how to integrate the calendar into a solution. If it's a new solution (i.e. you haven't built it yet), you can simply make a copy of Allegro Mini-Calendar, rename it, and build on that (adding what you need and removing what you don't). To add calendar functionality to a solution that you have all ready started building, you need to import the calendar table from Allegro Mini-Calendar to your solution, as well as the layouts and scripts. Be aware that there is a startup script that performs tasks used by some calendar features. If you are using any of these, you will want to make sure that your solution runs it at start up (calling it from an existing startup script, if necessary).


                      I recommend using FileMaker Pro Advanced for adding Allegro Mini-Calendar to existing solutions, since it allows you to copy and paste tables. I tried to make it easier to copy the calendar layout by putting everything in a slide control, so it's a cut and paste operation as well. But, if you want to be able to print, you will have to copy the print layouts for the calendar views you need (Month, Week, Year, etc.)


                      If the calendar doesn't have to be related to any other table in your solution, you're done. If it does, you will want to merge the calendar table with an existing table (by copying and pasting fields from one to the other). Having a value in the date field is what makes a record appear in the calendar. If it is left blank, it will appear in the To Do List. If you don't want to see it there, you can simply delete the To Do List from the solution.


                      I'll give a real world example: In a solution developed for a music teacher, scheduled lessons are added to the calendar. Key fields were added to the calendar table to also relate these records to other tables, along with fields that were relevant to each parent relationship. The calendar table became the child table in all these other relationships. Users could see all the related appointments from a portal on a student's record, or as line items on an invoice, or as a list of lessons scheduled for a particular music room on a given day. But, as long as they had a date for the lesson, they would also show up on the calendar.


                      [For an example of a much simpler iteration of this idea, take a look at the Made-For-FileMaker solution on my website called "Doggie Due!". This is a database for professional pet groomers. When you make an appointment on the calendar, it automatically shows up as a line item on the client's invoice, so the groomer doesn't have to remember to do it.]