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FM Server v13 with WebDirect Working Great - Is Upgrading to v14 Good or Bad?

Question asked by Doug Staubach on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by jerrysalem

Hi Community:


We have already paid for the FileMaker Server upgrade (from v13 to v14), so cost is not the issue.


We have several databases in active use in our company, and things are working great with WebDirect.


I am wanting to know (from people who have actually done this), whether the upgrade to v14 was worthwhile. - In other words, did you notice a speed increase, or better browser compatibility, or more stable connections? -- OR, did you have a bad experience (having to completely reposition layout elements, having your SSL certificate no longer work, having problems with portal displays or SQL statements, etc.)


We have 2-3 weeks to upgrade (now) if it makes sense to do so, but if the general consensus is "better wait until it becomes more stable", then we would certainly do so (no sense creating a lot of hardships for ourselves, just so we can be using the latest version).


Thanks for your opinions!