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Value List and Drop Down List

Question asked by on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by alquimby

I have a value list for "Warranties", based on a Table, where the first field is the pkID warranty-1000 and the second field is the name of the warranty.  I have selected "Show values only from second field".


I then created a field (labeled in the examples I'm attaching as "Select a Warranty for this Proposal" so the user can choose a warranty, formatted as a drop down, based on the value list.


While the drop down list does indeed show only the value from the second field, when the selection is actually made, pkID (first field) is displayed, which will be confusing to my users.  Is there a way to specify that the second field is the one that should be shown all the time?


See screen shots....  THANKS for any tips.