Report that shows records more than once.

Discussion created by ChadBarnard on Sep 2, 2015
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I don't even know if what I'm wanting is possible, but here it goes:


I have an orders table.  For each order, we have a quote - sometimes several quotes- depending on the number of revisions.


My boss wants a weekly report showing what was typed that week.  If it was just one quote, I'd know how to do it, but the multiple revisions are stumping me.  For instance, each order table has the possibility of up to 10 revisions.


Is there a way to have the Original appear under it's date, while Rev1 appears under it's date on the same report?  I'd like to view it in list view, sorted by the week that it was typed.


Right now, I have check boxes for each revision where the receptionist can check off when she's typed an original/revision.  When she clicks the appropriate check box, I have a script trigger that gets the current date and saves it in a field (i.e. TypedContractOriginalDate, TypedContractRev1Date, etc.).


Hopefully, this makes some sense.


Thanks in advance for your help.