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    What is causing a table to drop records?


      Of 42 tables in my database, one has a habit of dropping a record about once every six months.  This table is an Employee list and rarely changes, but is used for access control to the database so about once every six months someone is unable to use the application because their employee record has just disappeared.  There are no delete script steps associated with the table and no relations that could cascade down a delete.  On one occasion all records disappeared from the table and no one could log into the app.  Could there be any record locking conflict or something else that would cause a record to just disappear?  None of the other tables in the database exhibit this behavior.

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          I would check for a record delete step somewhere that is inadvertently operating on the wrong TO. 


          For example if you do a GTRR to go to some related records and then do a delete to delete some records on the target TO of the GTRR,   if the GTRR fails (there were no related records) then you will still be on the originating TO.  If you now do a delete record, you will actually be deleting the record in the originating TO.  You must always check that you have arrived at the correct target TO before doing a delete record.

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            Index files can get corrupt and make the record appear that it has been deleted.   You can run recover on the file to rebuild the indexes.  If anything else beside the indexes are corrupt in the file then you need to use a backup.