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FM 12 crashes when going to Browse mode from Layout when a Web Viewer is in the layout.

Question asked by Devon Braun on Sep 2, 2015

I've got a layout with Web Viewer in it.  The Web Viewer content is "data:text/html,[Static HTML integrated with Data from FMP]"


I can enter Layout mode, make changes and save, but when I try to return to Browse mode, the application crashes.  Using FMP Advanced, version 12.0v5.

I've encountered this problem on numerous databases, both local and hosted, a variety of different Web Viewers with calculated values from simple to complex, and always this problem.  The workaround has been to edit the layout, save it, and switch to a different layout, one without a Web Viewer on it.  Then return to browse mode, and circle back to the original layout from browse mode.


Has anyone else encountered this?

Is it a known bug?

Is it specific to FMP 12?