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New in 14? Preserve carriage return in Export Records

Question asked by wfgclapp on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by wfgclapp

FMGo14, FMServer14, FMProAdv14


Seemingly simple. From FMGo, I am running a PSOS Export Records script to create a text file on the server. The file contains text contents from a single field. The text contents include the Pilcrow symbol for carriage returns.


But when I open my exported file I see the lines, which should be separated by the Pilcrows, all run together with strange little symbols where the returns should be. I am reading the file in notepad. Excel does not interpret the returns either.


Poking around old posts has made it clear to me that this is not a simple thing to fix. The most promising thing I found involves exporting as XLM. But I have seen no recent (i.e. FM14) posts on the topic.


So here's my question...has by any chance FM14 made this any easier? Or...does someone know of an easy way to do this that maybe I just haven't seen?


What I need is to create a pipe delimited, multiple record text file on the server. One that can be open and read normally in a text editor like notepad. I have GOT to be missing something simple here, it seems.