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    Relationship Graph Flashing


      FMPA14.0.2 Windows 7.  Does not happen in every file.  When you open up the Manage DB and go to the relationship graph the sizing tools icons on the bottom are flashing.  The zoom in, zoom out, display to single page are all flashing as it the number showing the current % being displayed.  The pop up boxes showing the file information from the upper left of each table occurrance won't close.and if you can get it to change size the whole graph it self starts to flash.  One time it ended up crashing.  Any body else experience such behavior?

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          Another tidbit of information.  On Windows 7, FMPA 14.0.2  This happens when I open the relationship graph on both FMS 13 and 14 however if I move the file to my desktop and open it local it does not occur.

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            Also recovery shows errors.  I take the recovered file and place it on the FMS and I get the same behavior. I open the recovered file locally on my desktop and I do not get the error.  Currently I have identified 2 files from my solution in which this happens.


            Any thoughts on what is going on?

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              Hi Ken,


              You may have a corrupt file. Export the data out of the bad file and import into a clean backup file and see what happens.


              Have you tried to access the file on FMS with a different computer?


              Also take a look at this web site: http://www.fmdiff.com


              Good Luck,



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                I, too, am encountering this problem.  I am in the process of restoring from a backup, but I think it's odd that no one else has started a topic on this issue.  If it were run-of-the-mill corruption, I would expect to see more occurrences than just this one.  I believe Mike is correct, though, in asserting the file is corrupted.  I have a couple phantom TO's on my graph that cannot be removed/altered.  More importantly, and perhaps, more frightening, is that I cannot find a "clean" backup - even going back several hours.  So I'm stuck.  I can go back every 15 minutes to a different backup, but no way of knowing which would be clean as I have no idea what caused this problem.  Any thoughts?

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                  My file shows corruption.  I have not found any ghost TOs on my graph.  I have found it in 3 of my files.  I've send a copy to my FM engineer but have not heard anything.  What is interesting is if on one of my files I actually strip all the TOs off it then it the recovery shows no corruption.  I've removed from copies for testing various "large" pieces to see if I could isolate as to where the corruption is,  Deleted all layouts, Deleted all scripts, deleted all tables, deleted all TOs from graph.    I was able to determine that when the TOG is totally removed the recovery process comes back clean.  This table is ready to be re-engineered from the ground up as I think it has been converted over the years from .fp3 file format.  Thanks for your input.

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                    I had the same problem a couple weeks ago. The scroll bards on the graph would "blink". If I tried selecting a TO, a half second later, it would unselect.


                    I ran recovery and found a couple fields had been corrupted. I took the originald unrecovered version, deleted those fields and that solved the problem.


                    I also learned that custom themes created in FM13 will through errors in the log report of a recovered FM 14 file.

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                      Thanks for that tidbit to add to my knowledge base of what is going on here.

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                        We have the same problem i our company with a very large, complex multi-file solution. We are going to investigate DavidJondreau's fix, looking for corrupted fields, thanks for pointing this out.


                        However we also have a different idea: in our set-up some developers have Full Access to all Files, some only have Full Access to some files. The users without Full Access to all files have the problem. The problem does not occur when using FileMaker 13. The workaround is to use FileMaker 13 for working on the relationship graph. The conclusion is that the problem is security related. There were changes to security between FileMaker 13 and FileMaker 14 and we are trying to find out of this is the cause of the problem. I'm interested if anyone can confirm this in other Multi-file FileMaker solutions?


                        The fact that there is a problem using the relationship graph on a solution that works fine in Filemaker 13 and not in Filemaker 14 points to a bug in FileMaker 14 that needs to be fixed.


                        PS - we have this problem with Filemaker Pro Advanced 14 all versions up to 14.0.4 on Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.0.5 Yosemite (haven't tested with El Capitain) with Filemaker Server 14 hosted on Windows Server 2012

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                          I have the same issue at my company. We use FM 13 server on MAC. We have about 20 or so files but this only happens on one file that i have found so far. It also happens on any FM 14 version on Mac or PC. I specifically have both Mac and PC in office as im the developer. I DO NOT have this issue when i open the files in FM 13 client but if i use my FM14 client then i get this issue. What testing i did that actually stopped it but will not be a fix for us due to complexity is:


                          I downloaded backups of the file to my Mac and opened them all locally disconnecting my mac from the network. I tried recovering it and then seeing if it still flashed and it still did the same thing.


                          So i thought id delete anything that deals with ODBC using FM13 and then recover with FM 14 and tried FM 13 recovery also and still no fix.


                          I went and deleted all relationships using FM 13 and then open in FM 14 without recovery and still no go. I reopened this file in FM 13 and 14 after deleting relationships and noticed there were three instances of a missing table that no matter what table i tried to reconnect it to it just wouldn't connect. I tried deleting these in FM 13 and reopen Database management and the three rogue missing table instances came back.


                          At that point i tried recovering that file that i deleted all the relationships but keeping all tables that reside in just that file and keeping all external data source connections but again just deleting all relationships and recover the file and viola my issue was fixed but with MAJOR consequences that we can't afford to do just to fix the issue. AND the three rogue table instances that wouldnt connect to anything were gone.

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                            Everyone thanks for the tidbits of information.  I have a case number with FMI on this so I am passing along this thread to them in case they have not seen it.  As of now no real answer on what is going on and what the fix is.

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                              I just opened a case number with Filemaker as well. If you want we can share case #'s and let filemaker know that heres a case # of another person im talking to that has the same issue and see if it helps them try to figure it out and know that there is a big issue with this that needs to be resolved quickly cause if this is happening in FM14 its bound to happen in an newer versions which renders us unable to upgrade to any newer version.


                              If ya want you can  call me at 800-492-9030 Ext 103 and we can share case #'s

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                                Tyler Turner of Filemaker tech support has seen this post. I pointed it out to him that other people have the same issue and i told him about this post so he knows about it now and will let others know at filemaker about the issue.

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                                  Just wanted everyone to know that Filemaker figured out my issue with one of my files blinking the relationship graph icons on bottom. It ended up being 3 table occurrences that was bad. After deleting them and doing a recovery on the file i re-opened it in FM14 and everything was working smooth. not sure what was wrong with those 3 since they were working great as far as i know, the relationship was there and nothing was missing for those but they were bad somehow.

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                                    Update. I have been able to fix both of my files without the need of doing recovery.  Was able to track the issue down to External File References.  We have a large multiple file solution in which one of the files had a different Full Access account in it .  Updated the file to the same account name/PW and was able to go to the define External File References and edit them pointing back to the same place.  The flashing has now gone away on both of my files.  One of the files is over a gig and several hundred relationships on it.

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