FileMaker 14 Text object display issue in FMGo.

Discussion created by bigtom on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by TSGal

Using FMGo 14 or 13. Simple static text objects are losing some bottom text in the display.


In particular I have a text object that is 11 lines with Helvetica Regular size 12. The object measures 110pt W and 135pt H. I am losing about 20-25pt off the bottom of the text that is cut off on FMGo. This essentially is almost 2 lines of text.


File was created in FMPA 14 and hosted form FMS 14 the problem exists when FMGo13 or 14 is used to view the layout.


Is this a known issue? The glorious workaround is to expand the bottom of the object far past where it needs to be. Not a huge issue outside of cluttering the layout in edit mode.


There is an issue with the render in FMGo. In looking into this problem I added some lines to help with measuring the pt issue. What I did find is that when FMPro shows about 30pt between the bottom of the last line of text and the reference line, FMGo is dropping the text low and there is only 5pt. This is actually a bigger problem as the difference is huge and is messing making one layout that works with Pro and Go.


Anyone else having this problem or can you confirm it?