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Reset field and update evaluation

Question asked by tays01s on Sep 3, 2015
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I have 3 tables: Parent, Calc and Equations, P, C, E.

E contains a text field (eventually >1) where each record has a different equations.

C is related to E [ C::_fkE > E::__pk ] and a calc field = evaluate(E::field1).

P is related to C [ P::__ID < C::_fkP ].


3 problems:

1. I have considered using C to simply calculate E equations based on whatever is the current P record, ie. no permanently stored Calc records because the data would be pulled up by whatever P record is current. Bad idea?


2. To update Calc::_fkP I have tried using a calc field [ = P::__ID ] or a number field set by a script:

Go to Layout [ “Calc” (Calc) ]


Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]

Set Field [ Calc::_fkP; P::__ID ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ Calc::__ID + 1 ]
Exit Loop If [ Calc::__ID= 50 ]

End Loop
Commit Records/Requests
[ No dialog ]

Neither resets the Calc::_fkP record number. How might I do this?

3. Evaluations: These appear to calculate correctly. However, if I update fields used within the calculations, the calc only updates if I click directly into the Calc layout cell in which the evaluation is done. How do I automatically update these evaluations?