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Optimise FileMaker generated PDF

Question asked by fmdataweb on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by bigtom

We're using FileMaker Pro v13 on Windows 7 to generate reports for emailing to customers. The reports include photos taken via a FileMaker Go v14 database using the iPad's camera with the quality set to "medium". We've run some tests and the resulting PDFs are ranging from between 7 - 10mb in size which are still too large to send as email attachments to many of our customers.


We can use an external program such as Acrobat Pro to "optimise" the PDF which reduces the file size significantly to under 2mb on average. We're looking for a way to automate this from within FileMaker Pro and haven't found anything yet.


Can anyone recommend a solution (plugin etc) that can optimise the FileMaker generated PDF. I've looked at all the options in the "Save as PDF" script step and can't see anything that might lead to a smaller file, but if there are any settings I've missed that can reduce the file size I'd love to hear about them as well.