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Question asked by KenHoopes on Sep 3, 2015
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I am in need of a way to search a table on a layout (without using any built in controls like the menu system, etc.) where it will return any records "like" the value entered into the search box. I have found a way to search where it is an exact match, but was hoping to loosen it up a bit, and give them more power.


Below is my current scenario, please advise.


I have a layout called "Drawing Lookup" that is tied to a table called "gtbl_dwglookup". On that Layout, there is one edit box that is tied to "gtbl_dwglookup::dwg", and one portal that is tied to "tbl_dwgs". The tables have a "tbl_dwgs::dwg = gtbldwglookup::dwg" relationship. I have tried changing the relationship, but none really do what I'm looking for.


When using the "gtbl_dwglookup::dwg" edit box, and typing in the full drawing number, the portal populates with the appropriate drawing records. However, a lot of our drawings have a naming scheme where the first three characters are the same, on items that are of the same product code, and then the next two characters are of products that are manufactured on the same cell. By allowing the person to simply type in the first five characters and getting results, they can then look at one of the fields in the portal to identify exactly what drawing they are looking for, without having to know all eight characters.