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Field Validation using conditional value list

Question asked by LuukvanSummeren on Sep 3, 2015
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Im trying to validate a field using a calculation but im getting stuck somehow.


In my database I have a table with students, every student has a username to login to an NMR system

A user can either be active or inactive

I made a conditional valuelist with the usernames of all active users using

Now when i enter a username for a new user I want to check that it is not allready in assigned to an active user.


my calculation looks like:

IsEmpty( FilterValues ( ValueListItems (Get ( BestandsNaam);"Unames"); student::Uname))


when i run this calculation in a script it seems to be working fine. An occupied username returns 0, a free username returns 1

but when i use this calculation to validate the Uname field i get an error message saying that the entry is not valid even when i enter a unique username


I cant use the unique option to validate because i have students in the database that are inactive and their usernames have allready been deleted form the NMR system so they are reusable.


What is going wrong, and how can i fix this?


Thanks in advance