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    Setting your Developer ID for Gateway


      Anyone have experience preparing a FileMaker solution that will satisfy Apple's Gateway?


      I am a bit confused about the role of Xcode and a FileMaker custom solution to be delivered outside of the App Store. I have my developer ID and now want to attach it to my FileMaker App.


      Xcode can be used to create Apps but, with our solutions, we already have an App developed. How do you attach an Apple Developer ID Certificate to a FileMaker solution? I bundle our solution in a .DMG, so how do you generate and attach your certificate to the DMG?


      The technotes that I see from Apple aren't matching my Xcode that I downloaded so I'm a bit confused about the umbrella, components and how things interconnect.

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          Filemaker apps can not currently be sold on the app store and there is no way to attach an Apple Developer ID.  FM apps depends on FMGo to run on ios device and FMP to run on Macs, Apple requires that the app run on it own. 

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            Thank you Schamblee. I knew this was the case last year when Apple introduced Gateway but I received a followup from Apple concerning my tech question from last year. I thought something might be different and had changed but see that it has not. We would like to be on the App Store but we have a working delivery system so don't need that. Would like it, but don't need it.


            I thought there might be a simple way to register our Apps with Apple so that Gateway will recognize us. We have issued a technical tip to all of our Mac users that purchase our software about how to change their settings in Preferences but I would rather have Gateway recognize us.


            In this process, I am not sure of all of the capabilities of Apple's Xcode. Is it a framework where you can program and build apps from scratch and/or accept projects from the leading programming languages? I would not expect FileMaker to be part of their library but I think it would be great if we could submit our apps for review and, when approved, be issued a token that Gateway recognizes so that it does not display that "Unknown Developer" message. I fully understand the need for Gatekeeper but just wish we had a way to be treated as a member of the family.


            After all, I started our app in 1988 with FileMaker version 1.0 and it is now running on Windows, Macs, iPads and iPhones in over 75 countries. I think that is way cool and a huge accomplishment. Just wish we weren't referred to as "unknown developers."

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              Xcode is Apple IDE that has several tools to create apps for apple devices.  Object C and a new language swift are the two main languages used with Xcode.   You can create apps for apple devices using LiveCode or XOJO, but you still need Xcode installed.   I think Apple is too strict and hopefully they will add other options soon.  It's much easier to get an app on the Google Play Store (Android).   It is easier to share your android runtime too.  LiveCode will let you design for both Android and ios.   


              Apple had made some changes where adds-ons could be sold on the app store.  In my opinion a FM Database would be consider an add-on.  It adds features that is not in the default program in both FMP and FMGo.   You may have to contact Apple and investigate.  My approach would be that it is an addon    If you decided to call Apple and if you find out anything new please post any information you find.  There are several other interest in this same topic. 

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                I downloaded and looked around a bit. I don't need an app development platform, we already have that with FileMaker. Apple Developer Support has been helpful.


                It seems the Sandbox is the issue. As we know, FileMake is VERY powerful and is a sandbox unto itself. FileMaker has an amazing group of advanced web, filesharing and email capabilities already built into it. All that power is difficult to fit into and control in the Sandbox it seems. We like much more freedom (which is the Apple way).


                Since we don't need a delivery solution, only a signed certificate for Gateway, in my latest contact with Apple, the support engineer wants to see if my app can be signed and accepted by Gateway. He seems to think it is possible. If so, that is an answer to half the problem. Being delivered on the App Store is another issue.


                I am thinking that if an App ID Signature protocol for FileMaker apps is possible, that is a huge start. Probably, if you want to deliver on the App Store, you are going to need to develop and use only FileMaker's latest versions and features. That would probably be easier for Apple to accept and FileMaker to control.


                My Apple Developer Support Engineer and I both agree that the solution to this is above our pay scale. It is something the Apple and FileMaker software engineers and executives can work out. I think Apple and FileMaker are in the same general neighborhood. Maybe we could organize a picnic or something and see if this can get worked out.

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                  Filemaker is a great product for what it is you asked about xcode so I explain about it and then I gave other information about what is available to design apps for the ios devices. 


                  The other software (Livecode and XOJO) both have a means to digitally sign the app created with it, built-in to the IDE, which FM does not.   Information has to be written to the runtime file alone with the digital signature, so no I don't think it is possible without FMI making some changes to FM.  FM runtimes are not a true runtime of the database, it is a runtime of FM which runs the database.    

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                    Apple Developer Support took my request seriously and produced a solution by taking our app, as delivered to our customers, and making the mods to make Gateway, our customers and, us happy.


                    It probably should not be posted here, obviously, due to the purpose of Gateway but if you are interested in the solution, please contact me directly. Apple told me how to do it but I have not done it myself and incorporated it into our delivery logic, yet. There is a bit of Command Line things that I would welcome assistance.


                    Apple and FileMaker should decide if this answer should be posted to the Knowledgebase. I'm happy to share it with FileMaker so that our FileMaker apps can be accepted by Gateway if we follow the special protocol developed by Apple Developer Support.


                    My apologies for the delayed reply. I've been attending a conference in Banff, Canada, troubleshooting and rebuilding a client's Server App that's been running since 1996. We were at 12 and holding until the hardware problems demanded an upgrade and we are now on new equipment running FMSA 14 and Yosemite. It works!!!


                    In a parallel, we also upgrading to FMSA 14 so that we can run WebDirect. I've been salivating over this technology since seeing it introduced but did not have the horsepower to run it. Almost had it running last year with version 1. Just bought a new Mini just for FMSA 14 and WebDirect.