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Exporting an Image into a Created Folder with Base Elements

Question asked by DanielShanahan on Sep 3, 2015
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I'm trying to export images from a hosted FM file into a desktop folder with sub folders named by project.  The path looks like this:





I manually created the ExchangePhotos folder and I'm using the Base Elements plugin (BE_CreateFolder function) to create the folder based on the project's number.  That all works fine. 


What I'm unable to do is export the image into the sub folder so it would look something like this:





I've tried a couple of ways:

1. Export Field Contents Script Step

2. BE_ExportFieldContents function from the Base Elements Plugin


The initial BE_ExportFieldContents produced a cURL error 21 which I took to mean it was improperly quoted, so I added quotes using Char ( 34) before and after the $folderPath but that produced a cURL error 2.


None of these methods exports the image into the desired subdirectory. Attached is a screenshot of my script.


Any ideas?