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    FM Pro v14 - Export multi-select not working?


      We've just moved from FM Pro v11 to v14, and there's one weird buggy behaviour that I can't get my head around, described below.


      In our FM database and selecting File -> Export Records

      Select a table and choose 'Move All'

           - All fields move to the 'Field export order' box as expected

      Then choose a different table, and select several individual fields via Ctrl-select and choose 'Move'

           - Expected behaviour is that all of the selected fields move to the 'Field export order' box

           - Actual behaviour is that only the first of the selected fields moves


      Have attached a screenshot that hopefully demonstrates this.


      The odd thing is that if we attempt to do a multi-select as the first action, all fields come across fine.


      This wasn't happening in the v11 client.



      Any ideas?