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    Dynamically giving a field value based off conditions of other fields.


      I have three numeric fields representing dimensions. A fourth field will be filled in with a value based on some complicated conditions of those three dimensions. Right now I have this fourth field being called on a script trigger with an onObjectExit from those dimension fields (doesn't seem to be most efficient). I simply used the script Set Selection [fourth field] and than did an Insert Text based on the result of the conditions calculated from the three dimensions (L x W x H).


      This does force the focus to go to that field by doing it this way. I have no doubt there is a better way to have this triggered without having the UI go to the actual field since it is not something the user will ever change themselves or if they do I would have them do it manually.  What is the best way to trigger a field thats value will be based off a condition resulting from other fields without changing focus?


      I hope that makes sense the way I explained it.