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    pdf in container through WebDirect on iPad


      Is there no way to access a pdf in a container on an iPad using a WebDirect connection? Only need to view it, not necessarily download it.


      I know that FM Go is the better choice but the guy I work for is very against asking our clients to use it so I need to solve this utilizing WebDirect if at all possible. I have read a few other posts which deal with the same issue but do not see anything definitive as far as an answer goes. Thanks for any help.

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          It notes in the guide that mobile browsers do not support interactive PDFs



          Mobile browsers 1 Mobile browsers do not support the option to always show vertical scroll bars in portals. 1 When a script step causes the cursor to enter a field, mobile browsers do not display an onscreen keyboard. 1 Set the FileMaker WebDirect language in FileMaker Server Admin Console before publishing your solution. Some mobile browsers do not automatically update the FileMaker WebDirect language after it is changed. To force a mobile browser to update the FileMaker WebDirect language, clear the browser’s cache. 1 PDF files in container fields appear as links. Web users must click the link to download and view a PDF.

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            Thanks for the reply; yes I had already read that and do not actually need an interactive pdf. Just some way to view it in the environment I listed. Right now nothing happens when you select it.

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              Update: Earlier today I was able to view the pdf on an iPhone and iPad, about 2-3 times. After that it's back to tapping and no response. Both devices opened the file as a new browser tab. So it can be opened but not consistently? Is anyone familiar with or seeing this same behavior?

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                Update: Have been able to confirm that the times I can view the file is when the file name shows in the container and not the preview. This only happens when I first go into the file, after it is open for some time it always shows the preview. I have experienced the same behavior with two different companies hosting the file. Help!