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Why is CWP so slow?

Question asked by bigtom on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2015 by beverly

So I setup a CWP test that simply goes to a layout and finds a specific record and pulls data from two fields out. It is taking sometimes 18-40 seconds to do this. Sometimes it is faster at 4-5 seconds or so. I would hope this cold be done in 2 seconds or better for such a simple text only request. FMS13 for the test.


I tried forcing the test.php file and the filemaker.php file into OPCache on the web server but that made it slower. I did both files at the same time and each independently. same basic result. Would I be better to have the filemaker command.php, result.php, record.php, find.php and other files needed in OPCache?


I took a look at the data in NewRelic and it is showing the main hold up is the time spent waiting on FMS to return the result.


Any ideas why this might be happening or how to get it working better?


A similar find in web direct is much faster. Same find with FMGo over remote connection is much faster. So obviously it is not an actual issue with the network connection to the FMS.