Do we think points leaping is fair?

Discussion created by jrenfrew Expert on Sep 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2015 by eoin

With the recent merging of forums it seems that about 25 people have leapfrogged me in the rankings chart.

Shame, but not that much of an issue


But what I have discovered is that someone who I know to be a relatively new FMI employee with only 2 posts has 3000 points.


Do we really think this is fair?

Mine represent several years of contributions and learning and being seen as having specialist knowledge is a couple of areas.

To me this, more than anything else, devalues the notion of having the point system at all.


For 'newbies' it indicates something about the experience of the person who answers. I already know that Beverly, Wim, Taylor etc are worth paying attention to without any tag they have, but it is the only way we currently have of measuring interaction with the community.


Please don't abuse it like this.