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Exporting records - local vs remote

Question asked by jurgmay on Sep 5, 2015
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I have a solution hosted on FMS that has an export function which exports the records from a search module a .csv file. The results from the search are shown in a portal and the function only exports fields from the base table, there is no data pulled from across relationships.


When I run this locally, exporting 2,000 records takes about 3 seconds.


When my customer runs this from a location some 50 miles away it take about 3 minutes.


My understanding is that the client would pull down the entire record data for all of the records in the found set and therefore I assumed that the export would be as fast for my customer as it is for me, on the basis that all record data already resides on their PC at the time of exporting.


Have I got this wrong? It seems as if the data is only being pulled down from the server at the time of export and is therefore not held locally.