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    Filter List view layouts




      I want to let each user see only his own records (the records that he created) in a multi user company setting.

      I am using Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced.


      This is possible using the portals.

      But I am planning to use records list.


      Is there a way to filter those values.

      I usually add a search script step to find those related records to this user (finding records that has his ID).


      Is there any better way to do this?

      (because we must even add a search script step to the "show all" button)



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          That is ( one of ) correct ways to do it. And probably most used.

          Have you watched the DevCon 2015 video?.

          There are also very good tips on getting it right from security point of view.

          DevCon 2015: Security, Inside and Out - Ronnie Rios


          If that's your model and you want to use list view then you must substitute the finds for your own and always take the User into account.


          EDIT: If you implement record access via privilege set, the finds will omit the records not belonging to the user.

          Does not apply to ShowAll records. You will get ? or "No Access" in the fields.



          You can do it via Custom Menus, even have separate menus for each layout, depending on the model.


          Show all records could be "Extend found set" where criteria is the User.

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            Thanks a lot.

            You have been very helpful