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How to do something like an OnWindowActivate script trigger?

Question asked by tcmeyers on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by googull

It would be very useful to me, and others I bet, if there were an OnWindowActivate script trigger, I presume it would belong in the Layout set of script triggers, or possibly less conveniently, in the File Options group of script triggers.


This would fire when a window was made the active one, brought to the front or uncovered by closing the one on top. Since OnLayoutKeystroke does not work in the iOS environment, having this script trigger would help me cope with the situation.


It would probably come in handy for anyone who has a window that might need to have its content refreshed if work in another window might have altered related calculations that are stubborn to reveal their new values.


Is there a way of doing this that I'm missing, or a trick? OnLayoutLoad doesn't do it, that fires only when a layout is first switched-to. Nor does OnWindowOpen.