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Filtered Value List

Question asked by FredH on Sep 5, 2015
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I have a Company table which contains following fields :


Type 1 FLAG

Type 2 FLAG

Note : Each company can flag 1 or both types


I also have a Business table which contains following fields


Responsible Type 1

Responsible Type 2


For each Business, I need to identify the Responsible Type 1 & 2.  I would like to do this based on a value list which uses the Company_Names from the Company table.  I also would like to make sure that for Responsible Type 1, the values shown are only companies where Type 1 FLAG is "1".  Same for Responsible Type 2 based on Type 2 FLAG.


I already did several tests but I do not manage to make the value lists work correctly.
Do you know how I should set this up?


Thanks in advance for your input?

Kind regards,