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    Who can help us make a FM solution for first aid courses


      Hello guys


      We are small company in Denmark offering non-profit first aid courses to nurse-studentes to help improve their skills.


      We run about 20/30 students through courses every month and our work really helps them. But we are going crazy in paperwork. In every course we have to fill out atleest three forms/papers "terms/conditions", "control scheme", "skill station control" and finaly a "course certificate"  on every student. Its very time consuming, we need to keep all records digital and scanning it all and then sorting it is crazy. Every time a student contacts us, we need to search through every scanned document (images).


      I have tryed all most of the weekend with webminars og youtube videos, but im simply not catching on.


      We would need specially the "control scheme" to be on iPad, so the instructor can fill it out while the one or a group of students are being examed. See the attached




      Please feel free to contact me at mjz@frontmed.dk

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