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restricting data displaying on a layout

Question asked by erinrac on Sep 5, 2015
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first up, I am new to FM, and still have my head in Access 2000 space, and I am assuming I have just really overlooked something basic, apologies in advance


scenario, I set up a layout to add details of litters to the database,  (litters table and the main table of the database is for individuals with sire & dam etc table)


that's working, then I thought it has to be easier to add the sire and dam then using the standard ID - name basic value list, and found the superb

Tutorial: How to use an auto-complete drop down list when ...

which does work, except I have two things driving me crazy, attached are (I hope) all the screen shots you'll need, but in words

obviously because of the way I have set this up I have two 'issues'

  1. if I type in a female's name in the sire/father box, the database will accept it
  2. when I do a short word search and get taken to the selection layout it becomes obvious why, while the genders of the opposite sex don't show their names (so don't show up in the value list) they are there without their names showing because I haven't had the calculation field store their names, and I am drawing from the calculation field   If ( IsEmpty ( Gender ) or Gender = Upper ( "F" ) ;Name )


I have trawled through this forum (and others) & found lots on conditional value lists etc, but nothing that gels with me at this stage


thanks for pondering on my problem