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    When will Jive speed up?


      I've been a member of this community for a while now, but I still can't find my way here and feel a certain resentment to use it. Nothing against any of the the community-members here, I can only say that there are a lot of very helpful people here, I have gotten great help and pointers from them on a several occasions. But FMI should really (let someone) make this forum more fun to use:


      1. This forum is extremely sluggish and there seems not to be any tweaks available to speed it up (I have 200Mbit internet connection, so that really can't be the problem).
      2. There is a tag-cloud, but whatever I select, I never see a selection adjusted by my choice(s) from the tag-cloud, but still all the most recent discussions and on the home-page that's only 10 or so.
      3. It is possible to go to discussions/content where you can see messages by category, but it is made very hard to simply browse the content quickly. Only one page forward and/or backward, up to 10 or 15 pages at a time would make it eassier.
      4. On the list only 20 messages are displayed at a time and preferences can't be set to 100 or 250 message-headers at a time
      5. The jive-help? It looks like it is for sysops, not for users.
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          Actually when I look at my list here; I only see 10 items. There are only ten items under discussion in FileMaker Community?

          I see no control over this and no "next page"  feature.FC discussion list.png

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            Markus Schneider

            15 here on the iPad screen - 'discussions'

            AFAIR, Matthew O'Dell mentioned that the forums are quite slow 'over the pond' and they are even more slow when using an iPad (iOS integration of jive is not very good - they suggest to use their extra app, but that doesn't have all the features, at least for me)

            The page symbols are only available when under 'content', this is one point that I do not like.. too many ways to view the content. If You are on a desktop system, it's not that bad - but under mobile safari, it's a mess (although the structure is not very clear, compared to other forum software.

            But it is working, seems to be 'robust'. Some of the issues with iOS are Apple related, not jive IMHO

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              Benjamin Fehr

              That's how it used to be from the very beginning.

              I'm tired. Would anybody else like to write a bug report?

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                We hear you loud and clear on this and are working on improving both the performance (especially international) of the FileMaker Community as well as some of the issues with usability. We allocated more compute power to the community in late August and are exploring the possibilities of remote caching, upgrading to Jive 8, and/or streamlining existing customizations. This is going to take some time to get right, but please know that it is important to us.


                Thanks for your patience --




                PS This past week I've been uploading all the DevCon 2015 videos, which I believe has had an overall slowing effect as well. I saw a lot of complaints about slowness when I uploaded the DevCon 2014 videos at the end of July. I plan to be done with the uploads by the middle of this coming week (did a few from home today, but after the first two my ISP started throttling me, so I need to do the rest from the office).

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                  I noticed the videos are not good enough resolution to really see what is going on in the screen shots or screen casts. Even large text is fuzzy. You really have to fill in the blanks with your own knowledge because it is not clearly visible. They are useful as audio only. I am not sure if this is a Jive limitation or if the videos were simply not produced in HD (1080). Either way please consider fixing this. It should be fairly easy unless there is a Jive limitation. Maybe offer a Hi-Res and a Lo-Res version.


                  This is a place that FM sends people for semi official support it should perform better and be easy to use for users.

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                    Unfortunately, it looks like this is a problem with the source material. Some sessions were presented in 1080p, others in VGA (640x480), and I'm pretty sure the recording feed was in the same resolution. I'll doublecheck the original files this week.

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                      Maybe a minimum source resolution could be a requirement for DevCon 2016 and any future video materials. I know it is based around a physical live presentation and the recordings are a "bonus".

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                        Using the jive application which is that more than a mobile safari is used, it's faster.

                        Jive Mobile on the App Store on iTunes

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                          Markus Schneider

                          tested that twice, but it doesn't serve with the same functionality. I trashed that app both times after a short time. There is another thread with some remarks (don't recall all the details; at a first glance, it looked quite fine..)

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                            Markus Schneider

                            here is one of the reports, somewhere on that thread (-:


                            Losing partially written posts in Jive

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                              Regarding the minimum resolution for presentations, suffice to say that we are on the same page about this. 1080p is the resolution that we expect, but due to circumstances beyond our control, it was not consistently available at the 2015 Conference. I do not expect this problem to be repeated in 2016.

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                                I am relieved to see that my "problems" here are similar to others.  I stopped using this board a long time ago, for what I viewed as lack of user friendliness.  The format of the other board was better.  My only complaint there was the asian spam, which easy to ignore.


                                Instead of visiting daily I will continue a couple times a week.  I was VERY disappointed on how all of this has been handled and communicated.  It  should probably not been when Devcon was scheduled or just after.

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                                  ttruede login with my username, password and community.filemaker.com in the app ... Wrong credentials.

                                  any suggestions?

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                                    Cick on the Button "Content" instead of "Overview" to see all discussions.

                                    But I agree that there should be a button "more" or something on the Overview Site.

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