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BOMs : different behavior on hosted files with v14

Question asked by Fred(CH) on Sep 7, 2015
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BOMs : different behavior on hosted files with v14


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.10.5

Description of the issue

Using a byte-order marks (BOM's) to sort value list based on a field, i just realized an inconsistency between local files and hosted files. With hosted files, the value list doesn't return the first BOM, whereas this is the case with local files as it was the case with FileMaker Pro 13 regardless if files are hosted or not. So according to previous version's behavior, the hosted file behavior is wrong.


Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Open locally the example file attached (created especially to demonstrate the issue).
  2. Try to modify the "TestValue" field.
  3. Observe the value returned by "TestPosition" field, which is simply counting the BOMs.
  4. Host the file, open it and repeat step 2. and 3.


Expected result

Both tests should give the same result.


Actual result

When the file is hosted AND the client is FileMaker Pro 14, the first BOM of the value list is ignored. Moreover, it doesn't matter if the file is hosted by FileMaker Server 14 or FileMaker Server 13.


Configuration information

Tested with FileMaker Pro 13.0.5 / 14.0.2 and FileMaker Server 13.0.9 / 14.0.2