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Base directory on server if file name changes...

Question asked by wfgclapp on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by wfgclapp

FMProA14, FMServer14, FMGo14


I have a file hosted on the server. If I go to Manage->Containers, I see a base directory named CRMpal. This was the original name of my file. I have since changed the name of the file to 'Sales Link'. And honestly, I can't remember exactly what I did to change this name. I think I simply renamed the file on the server.


Regardless, there is no longer a folder called 'CRMpal' in the Databases directory on the server. There is a folder named 'Sales Link'.


I am wanting to save an image from a container field on the server. I want to use Export Record to get it there. I am doing this exact process in another file and am just trying to repeat it.


But, it isn't working because there is no longer a Base Directory named 'CRMpal'. I manually created such a folder on the server, but I still can't get Export Record to put the container file there.


I'm relatively new to FM and suspect there's a lot about base directories I don't fully grasp. I would love it if anyone could share insight into how I might get these images onto my server.