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FileMaker Go 14 - How do the 'Insert from Device (Video Camera)...' script step resolution options work?

Question asked by skywillmott on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by skywillmott

Anybody have any idea what the resolution options of Full, Large, Medium and Small for the script step 'Insert from Device...' and Video Camera is selected are meant to do??


I have tried all four settings and the resulting videos that get stored in the container field don't really seem any different from one another.... In fact, when I recorded 4 clips of equal length, the 'Full' size setting actually gave me the smallest file size, although all four were 1920x1080 resolution at  60fps taken using an iPhone 6... Kinda strange.


I was hoping to get lower resolutions/fps for the lower quality settings for the script step, but it seems not so....