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Object name issue in FM14.

Question asked by bigtom on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by bigtom

Object names disappear after adding button functionality to a field or text object. This does not effect native button objects. I noticed this today in FM 14. The name gets stored but it will not work with Go to Object and it only appears in the DDR. It is missing from the inspector. When trying to add the name again it gives an error that the object name is already in use.


I did find this documentation on the issue finally:

Object name is hidden when object becomes a button | FileMaker


However the issue is when you set the button to Do Nothing the original name does not appear or become usable again with FM14. This does work properly in FM12 and 13.


The only ways to get around this are to name for the first time after using button setup or to delete the original object if it was named before button setup. Doing this after copying it seems to be the best idea. I had to spend a bit of time trying to figure it out. Can anyone confirm this issue with FM14?


How I produced this situation:


1. Add a data field, text, container, or shape object to a layout.


2. Give it an object name.


3. Go to Button Setup and select any option (Do Nothing, One step or Perform Script)


Notice the object name is gone from the inspector and trying to use the same name again results in an error.


Notice Go to Object will not actually work with that object name.


Notice the object still has the name showing in Database Design Report.


further weird stuff:

4. In this state simply give the object a different name. This stores in the inspector and functions properly with Go to Object scripts.


However the DDR still shows the original object name and it can never be used again by any other object. The second object name never shows in the DDR.