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Sequential Numbering of Records

Question asked by mikethecreative on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by richardsrussell

I'm trying to create unique numbers for line items but I can't figure out a solution.



- I create a new record and it's called Order #795

- On this Order, the client buys multiple products (which are lines items)

- I need each line item to have a sequential number (01, 02, 03) that I can use to create a unique number for each product purchased (the unique serial number is the order number and the line item number.... i.e 79501, 79502, 79503)

- The line item number needs to continue on if a previous line item is deleted (if three line items (01, 02, 03) are added to the order, then one line item is deleted, the next line item should be 04)

- Also, each new record/order should have line items that start at 01.


I hope this makes sense. It seems like such an easy thing but I'm just not finding the correct way to add a sequential number.