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Less work for me through scripting (searching dated records)

Question asked by SummitIT on Sep 8, 2015
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Hi All,


I am using FM Pro 13 and wondering how I can keep from having to change my script every month...

Currently, I have a Perform Find script step that searches for Orders finished between the month needed.  What I have been doing for a couple months is simply re-writing the script after the user gets the data he needs, but I would like to just have this script run differently.


Is there a way to find all the finished dates that fall between last month's beginning and ending?  Whenever I try to do a find that has mathematical dates (like 10/0/15), the search becomes invalid. 

Am I looking at this in the wrong direction?  I haven't noticed any script steps that would make me think I could do a work-around.

I'm looking for somewhere I can plug in the Get (Current Date) function to subtract a month and see all the records from only one month previous.  That way, the script can run at all times in case my user needs the same report on the 20th, after I have changed the find parameter to be what ends up being this month (which I have done for this month, as can be viewed in the attached file).


Any ideas?  Thanks!