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Collecting the primary key for a record from a portal row

Question asked by raykennedy on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by raykennedy

Can't seem to find a good or simple solution. Basically I have a portal with records for a related table. From the portal I would like to simply put a button in there to edit that specific record. The portal displays the basic info but the full info is pretty detailed so going to the layout page for that record / table would be necessary.


I thought it would be something like this.


Set Variable[$_primary_key_id ; Value: ????]
Go to Layout["The Layout Where The Record Was Originally Created"]

... Perform the typical search functions based on the primary_key...


I have looked at some of the built in functions like Get(ActivePortalRowNumber), Get(ActiveFieldName), Get(ActiveFieldContents) but it doesn't seem to work while using a button script. Plus, none of these actually give me the specific primary_key_id for that record so I can perform a search and edit it.


Appreciate any thoughts on this.