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    Loading related container records


      So, we've moved the container fields from a contacts table to a containers table, with the understanding that these containers (files of MB in size) won't be downloaded when the user requests a found set of contacts. This should improve performance of the solution.


      However, to streamline interaction with these related records, we've added the related container field off-layout to use in scripts.

      The question is, did we just lose the performance gained by having the related field on the layout (but off-layout where the user can't interact with it directly)?


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          Yes, you've brought back all the performance issues. Take the container field off the layout. If a script needs to interact with the data, it can get and set it without needing to have it on the layout.

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            Thanks Malcolm. Just to clarify, the field is off the layout(not visible to the user). Is that what you meant, or does it need to be completely off the layout entirely? Problem with that is that I can't interact with it directly; I'd need to pop another window to be able create or view that data.



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              What I meant was to remove the object entirely. However, current version

              of FMP don't load objects which aren't directly in the display until

              they are required.  Objects on Tab Panels and Sliding Panels that aren't

              displayed aren't loaded until needed. You may be getting the benefits of

              that by having your object in the off-screen area.