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Best Practices: hide or conditional formatting

Question asked by techt on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by davidhead

We have a client that wants to use a pop-over to view, upload, or delete a related file.


When the pop-over is activated and there isn't yet a related record, is the best practice to hide the buttons to view and delete, or apply conditional formatting to subdue (grey text instead of black) the text on the button?


The advantage of the subdued text is that items that are expected from the user don't disappear, but their state indicates "not available." The disadvantage is that this would have a performance impact as it would be applied over the theme style.


The advantage of hiding the buttons is that the user doesn't even have the option to see them, and only option would be to upload a file. The disadvantage would be the blank space on the pop-over (though it isn't big) and that expected items would appear or disappear depending on the file status.


I'd like to think that someone out there with more experience than I in UI/UX would have an answer or at least a best practice for this situation.


Thanks in advance,