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FMS 14 Development License: FMGo connections

Question asked by planteg on Sep 10, 2015
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FMS 12 Development License would accept a few connections from FMGo. But FMS 14 Development License only accepts one connection from FMGo.


The documentation says:


Please note that the Development License only allows up to three simultaneous FileMaker Pro 14 and three simultaneous web-based clients for Custom Web Publishing, and one FileMaker WebDirect connection to access hosted FileMaker solutions.

My guess is that FMGo is seen as a Web Direct connection, is that right ? I wonder why FMI didn't allowed 3 or 4 connections among CWP, WebD and FMGo ?

In our case, that would be fine if can connect 2 FmGo to a database at the same time.


Gilles Plante