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    FMS 14 Development License: FMGo connections




      FMS 12 Development License would accept a few connections from FMGo. But FMS 14 Development License only accepts one connection from FMGo.


      The documentation says:


      Please note that the Development License only allows up to three simultaneous FileMaker Pro 14 and three simultaneous web-based clients for Custom Web Publishing, and one FileMaker WebDirect connection to access hosted FileMaker solutions.

      My guess is that FMGo is seen as a Web Direct connection, is that right ? I wonder why FMI didn't allowed 3 or 4 connections among CWP, WebD and FMGo ?

      In our case, that would be fine if can connect 2 FmGo to a database at the same time.


      Gilles Plante

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          Markus Schneider

          only one connection. The 'technet server' can't be used with additional connections (at least under v13, did no longer onvestigate..)

          If one develops for iPhone, iPad, webd, one's out of luck

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            You are correct that webdirect and FMGo connection falls under the same connection license with FMS13 and FMS14.  The full version of FMS 13 and 14 only comes with 1 connection license for webdirect / FMGo, so I guess it just carried over from the full version.  Of course you can purchase additional connection license for webdirect /FMGo to use with the full version.

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              Thank you for your post.


              FileMaker Server 14 uses "Concurrent Connections", which didn't exist in FileMaker Server 12.


              FileMaker Go uses these Concurrent Connections and the FileMaker Server 14 Development License only has one concurrent license, without the ability to add more.


              For more information on Concurrent Licenses see Knowledge Base Article #13102.


              I hope this information is of use!



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Thanks for the explanation. In fact concurrent connections change a lot !


                I hope that some time a few more will be available with this type of license .


                Gilles Plante

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                  This needs to be 3


                  I can not go to a customer and demonstrate Go and WebDirect simultaneously for the 'mobile only' workflow. Nor can I test simultaneously.


                  It is possible to have a FileMaker solution which I as a developer create for you without you owning a desktop client licence at all, hosted either by you or a third party, but I am unable to demonstrate it to you. This makes NO business sense. I sign a thing to say its not for production use, so why not let me use it to demo or develop??

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                    Hi jrenfrew,


                    this is exactly where it hurts us. For example the other day we wished to compare how a Layout looks on an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6 side by side, that was not possible.


                    One way we could do it is if we can ourselves select what kind of connections we would like supported for the 3 non Pro licenses. If you need to demo GM Go, then configure FMS for 3 FMGo and no CWP. But that would mean the Developer Edition would need some code changes inside FMS I guess.


                    FMI, could you have a look at this suggestion or others if they are expressed on this thread ?




                    Gilles Plante

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                      Thank you for your responses.


                      I would encourage you all to enter these as suggestions into our Feature Requests Web Form.


                      These web form suggestions are monitored and read by our Development and Product Management departments and then discussed and considered for the future.



                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        I spoke in person about this to Bill Eppeling last year when he was in the UK for our TechNet session. And apparently he got the point of the issue.

                        I wonder if pointing this into the black hole that is the features request page is in fact of as much value as you wish to try and convince us. If the boss gets the point but has chosen not to put inlace any action, is this in fact just some kind of placebo?

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                          The Feature Requests web form is the best place to enter suggestions.  The entries into this web form populate a database file that is hosted and monitored by Product Management and Development.  All entries are read, discussed and considered for possible implementation in a future release.



                          FileMaker, Inc.