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[ANN] Business Conference for FileMaker Developers Oct 28-29, 2015

Discussion created by Molly Connolly on Sep 8, 2015

Are you a FileMaker consultant or in-house developer who struggles with project management, estimating, customer management and a variety of other challenges that go beyond any technical issues you may encounter?


Find Your Moose


October 28-29, 2015


Join us in Chicago to participate in lively discussions about these various issues. Panel discussions and Presentations will be facilitated by seasoned developers like John Sindelar, Matt Navarre, Jesse Barnum and Mark Richman. We'll also be hosting a variety of people "outside of the pond" who specialize in sales and marketing, project management and consulting techniques.


Small group discussions will focus on finding new business, retaining clients, managing the workload when you have TOO MUCH work and finding ways to be more profitable and less stressed out!


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