FMPA 14 drag-and-drop crashing or faulty display

Discussion created by tcmeyers on Sep 10, 2015
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FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.2 (and 14.0.1) on MacOS X 10.10.5 (and .4)


I have had frequent crashes of FMPA 14 when dragging selected text from one window to another window's field. Generally the drag-and-drop is completed, but then the display freezes briefly with the special "drop destination" highlighting, then it quits unexpectedly. I always submit the crash report.


This morning it occurred without crashing, so since I have something to show, I'm posting this screen shot. It shows the still-drop-destination-highlighed field with the dropped text and a frozen cursor (left field), and a field next to it with a bit of text selected to demonstrate that the dropped-in field isn't actually still the focus (right field). This is the only time I've seen this occur without the crash after.