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Where are the PHP Help Resources for FileMaker Server 14

Question asked by mcarey on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by mcarey

FileMaker Server 12 had the PHP Site Assistant.

QUESTION (1): Will the files created with the FileMaker 11 PHP Site Assistant tool work when moved to FileMaker Server 14?


Other versions of FileMaker Server had sample PHP files that came with the install to help users learn how to make simple PHP web sites with FileMaker. Browse, Search, Detail, Add Records, etc php pages.

QUESTION (2): Are there any such files made available for FileMaker Server 14?

It seems the support for PHP has progressively gotten less and less as new versions of FileMaker Pro Server are released. I know if you are a seasoned PHP developer that is not the case, as such a developer does not need any hand holding, but for the beginner it seems like there are no PHP lifeboats out there when using FileMaker Server 14.

QUESTION (3): Are there any resources/tools out there to help a FileMaker Developer start creating PHP files to work with their FileMaker 14 Server solutions?


Thanks for your help.