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    iPad Pro and iPhone 6S Plus


      Will the iPad Pro attract more clients?


      Will FileMaker support the extended features of the iPhone 6S Plus?


      I think the Pro will look attractive to many companies.


      I think it will take getting the pressure sensor ant the haptic feedback into an iPad before it is fully supported. I really wish Filemaker would support more direct data collection from and interaction with iOS . With iOS 9 it will be even easier to access data from iOS and that will also mean data collection from the Apple Watch. With a number of medical applications already in use I think this would be a good resource. My other long time request is access to the Square camera.

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          If FileMaker Go will manage to give scripted access to listening to data via Touch ID, bluetooth, lightning port, headphone jack, and all the internal sensors it would be a huge jump in usable applications.


          Live feed data would also be nice, but I realize that is a little more difficult.

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            Regarding FileMaker, the iPad PRO will only be PRO, if there will be a FileMaker PRO Touch for this device. With GO alone, it will be only a dead expensive bigger screen. My 2 cents.

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              Mike Duncan

              Looking forward to using the pen to do all my programming. Finally


              Also, would like to hear more of this "pressure sensor ant" you speak of.

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                Force touch.

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                  Though this new iPad looks very nice, I think this is a response from Apple to the Surface Pro.


                  The Surface has been gaining market share among professionals and it comes with a lot of desirable features:


                  • Works as a tablet and as a desktop computer.
                  • Can attach a mouse or trackpad.
                  • Can attach a separate, big monitor.
                  • Comes with USB ports.
                  • Expandable memory.


                  The only thing I hate from the Surface is Windows itself. But that's a personal preference. I guess there's people who don't like MacOS at all.


                  This new iPad comes with a "desktop grade" processor so we are not too far of having iMacs and other Apple products based on a A10 or A11 processor. I only hope these guys at Apple don't have a "Jobs moment" and decide to get rid of the mouse or bigger screens.

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                    ibrahim_bittar schrieb:

                    to get rid of the mouse or bigger screens.

                    One can think that somehow they are working on this. Just remember:


                    • some day it became tres chic to advertise "one window" apps. OK, one app shouldn´t open too many windows and palettes?, but why not two windows for example to compare data or to have different views at the same time. Already we have customers that are surprised to learn, that they can look at the same data in form and table view at the same time using windows.
                    • Tabs in browsers came up, no need for windows anymore ... really? You can put two windows next to each other to compare something, but tabs ? But people already want tabs for the Finder too.
                    • Next step: full screen mode for apps. Might be OK on an 11 inch MacBook Air, but on a 27inch iMac in most cases that gets quite ridiculous. What should fill this space?


                    If people long enough read that windows (not MS Windows) are awful to use, only onewindow apps are modern, tabs can replace windows and everything should be done full screen, then they will first reject windows, then won´t be able to handle them anymore and lastly don´t use them anymore. Finally there will be no need for bigger screens and multi-windowing - iOS for Desktop can come up ...


                    Same happens with the menu bar ... since years I have to learn, that more and more people don´t use the menu bar at all, don´t know where it is and are surprised to learn, that there is something on the top of the screen belonging to their app. iOS already has no constant menu bar. Every function has to be put inside the program screen, complex apps get obviously complex that way. So keep it simple even for the dumbest user.

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                      So keep it simple even for the dumbest user.


                      That's not a bad idea, with or without windows.

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                        it will be nice if we can have a version adv for the Ipad Pro

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                          I was exactly thinking the same when I saw the keynote yesterday. I'd happily replace my old MacBook Pro with an iPad Pro if I could connect and external monitor, a mouse and a keyboard, and of course run FMPro Advanced.