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Is it worth to integrate an email plugin in a standard solution?

Question asked by intex on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Fimano

Question goes to those who have implemented email functionality via plugin in a standard solution - not custom programming.


So far we avoided using plugins at all. But more and more we see the need to fully integrate email in correspondence modules of our software, since letter and fax get more and more outdated. Plus people not only want to send their mails, but also want to see the incoming mails.


So questions are:


  • Are people really willing to leave the system's or their email program for an integrated solution that looks different, might work different and perhaps has less features than a full blown Outlook ?
  • Are customers willing to pay for such a solution, since the system´s email is already there? How expensive can such an upgrade be, so that you can sell it successfully? Or does it have to be free of charge ?
  • How about experiences with support? Is it tough to support such an email solution? How stable are they? How many problems do customers have to initialize their email accounts successfully?
  • How long did you work on integrating email and a plugin in your solution? Did you translate all the underlying fields to your language? Did you do everything on your own or just a modification of the example solutions?
  • Is the Dacons plugin the one to work with?


Thanks in advance